Tales from Five Fallen Realms – call for nano-games

– English version

This Year, Fastaval once again plays host to a nano-game anthology: a collection of tiny role-playing games that fit on a postcard and can be picked up and played on the spot. We would love to see your idea for a postcard-sized game!

A potential nano-game needs to fit on the reverse of a size A5 postcard (5.8 × 8.3 inches) with a picture on the front of the card. While this leaves more room than last year, a nano-game should be limited to around 250 words. We will provide a template fixing font size, margins, etc. The game needs to be playable by four players and in less than two hours – preferably a lot less. Last year’s nano games can be found over here.

Games for this year’s anthology will be selected on the following parameters:

  • Game play. Does the game appear to be interesting/funny/sad/etc.? The game needs to have a certain sturdiness: it needs to be an actual game that helps the players achieving a certain experience – a few general suggestions on how players can build their own game would not be sufficient.
  • ‘Pick-up-and-playability’. The idea needs to be simple enough to be communicated cogently with the limited room given. Players should be able to pick up the game and play it without having read it in advance. Games requiring props like dices, pen and paper or similar, are not banned as such, but it would probably be preferable if the post card itself is the only thing needed to play. The same goes for concepts like that of a game master: it is not banned, but not having one maybe works better in this medium.
  • Theme and setting. The games of this anthology should fit the theme and setting implied in the title, thus making up a coherent whole. This is a high priority for us, so games will not be accepted if they have no relation to the title at all. This being said, there’s a certain amount of leeway in the interpretation of the title and the corresponding themes of greatness and ruin. There is room for the big and the small picture both, the tale of the dynasty as well as the story of the individual. While the setting needs to be some sort of “fallen realm”, it can equally well be historical, futuristic, or made up.
  • Finally we appreciate novel and experimenting games. The medium is well suited for trying out crazy ideas, so by all means think out of the box!

Games based on tried and tested techniques are, however, in no way excluded.

If this sounds like fun, write us on vegedus@gmail.com no later than November the 16th. You do not need to send us a fully-fledged synopsis, but try to sketch out your idea as clearly as possible. Since these are quite short games, sending us a preliminary version of your game is also a good option. We look forward to seeing your great, little idea!

with nano-sized wishes,

Mads Egedal Kirchhoff and Niels Ladefoged Rasmussen

– write like the wind!

~ af nielsladefoged på 31. oktober 2014.

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